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John Bradley Hudson, Jr. (1832 - 1903)

John Bradley Hudson, Jr.-also known simply as John Bradley Hudson- spent much of his career working in decorative arts as a painter of signs, stagecoaches and other practical items. He was also an accomplished landscape painter and illustrator. He was known for his landscapes of the White Mountains.

Hudson was born in Portland, Maine. He conducted his art education under Charles Octavius Cole in the mid 1850's. His work has the characteristic elements of the Hudson River School of painting, serene landscapes rendered in great detail with a particularly pleasing use of light. He is also sometimes identified as being a part of a separate painting school called the White Mountain School, which carries the name of his favored region for painting.

Of his illustration work, the pieces that appear in his illustrated diary, Journey to the White Mountains are among his most well known and highly regarded. The diary represents a prolific body of work in its own right, with a great deal of time and effort put into the artwork contained therein by Hudson.

The works of John Bradley Hudson, Jr. are currently held in museums including The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and remain popular among collectors.

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