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Leonardo Coccorante (1680 - 1750)

Vedute are large-scale paintings or cityscapes or scenic vistas. Many of these paintings were done during the seventeenth century and onward and were traditionally familiar scenes. They were created frequently for tourists taking tours of historic areas, such as the Grand Canal of Venice or the Roman Forum and eventually evolved into more personalized versions of popular sites and less accurate renderings of a particular location.

One of the earliest painters of the more original and less realistic veduta was Leonardo Coccorante, who worked in Naples and was known for his detailed landscapes full of fanciful and imaginary ruins that were given enormous scale by the placement of small figures in the foreground, such as animals and people.

In addition to his canvases he was employed in the court of Charles de Bourbon. His works can be found in the Honolulu Academy of Arts and the Lowe Art Museum of Coral Gables, Florida in addition to several public locations in Italy.

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