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Paul Chaigneau (1830 - 1906)

Pastoral scenes of the French countryside and shepherds tending to their herds of fluffy sheep fill many of the canvases of French artist Paul Chaigneau. He had the misfortune of working in a similar style simultaneously with another French artist, Jean Ferdinand Chaigneau. Both focused on large scale landscape and animal paintings, but Paul Chaigneau never attained the amount of interest as his closely named contemporary.

Paul Chaigneau relied on dramatic contrast between sky and Earth, usually adding depth and scale to his work through the presence of distant villages, hillsides or haystacks. Many canvases use small pools of water to reflect the brilliant colors of early evening or sunset. The sky in Chaigneau's countryside is usually active, and full of clouds or dramatic color.

The artist lived and worked in France throughout his life. He died in 1906.

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