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Antonio Pietro Martino (1902 - 1988)

Martino was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1902. At the age of twenty-three he had two paintings accepted in the Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts Annual Exhibition. He had a long career and would paint for the next fifty years.

Painter Antonio Pietro Martino would receive instruction from Albert Jean Adolphe, who had received his education from Jean Leon Gerome, who had also trained Thomas Eakins. This notable group of painters would have naturally contributed a great influence over the work of young Martino, but he also was greatly impressed by the Cubist and earlier Impressionist movements whose influences are also seen in his unique works.

In 1925, Martino had two of his submissions accepted by the Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts Annual Exhibition. This was a remarkable achievement considering the youth of the artist, only twenty three, and the high standards exacted by the exhibition. The unknown artist would be showing with some of the nation's most outstanding professionals. Even more remarkable was the fact that both paintings were sold almost immediately.

Martino continued to win prizes for his landscapes at many other notable exhibitions and shows throughout the coming decade. He focused primarily on East Coast subjects and continued to develop his own unique style that relied upon rich colors and tones in simple yet solid compositions.

He worked steadily for fifty years, relocating to the Thousand Oaks area of California, where he died in 1988. His works are in the permanent collections of dozens of museums including major universities and art clubs.

Early in his career he decided to concentrate on landscapes, and painted along the Darby Creek and on the Delaware River above New Hope. These landscapes were painted outdoors with the direct impressionistic brushwork of Redfield and Schofield. Later he did countless views of Manayunk and East coast subjects, gradually developing his personal style of solid, simplified compositions in rich tone and color.

Antonio Martino died in Thousand Oaks, California on September 3, 1988.

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